What’s New?

For the (mostly) complete change log, see here.

v1.3 - November 2014

  • Make ObjectListView compatible with wxPython 2.9, 3.x
  • Make ObjectListView compatible with wxPython Phoenix on Python 2.7 and 3.4
  • Added an ITEM_CHECKED event
  • Update documenation, mainly links to Bitbucket and Read the Docs

v1.2 - September 2008

Small things

  • Correctly handle model objects that cannot be hashed
  • Added ensureVisible parameter to SelectObject()
  • Remove flicker from some more FastObjectListView operations

v1.1 - July 2008

  • Added GroupListView
  • Column headers can now have their own images

v1.0.1 - June 2008

  • Sorting can now be customised throught the EVT_SORT event
  • Added searching by sort column
  • Added binary search
  • VirtualObjectListView can now be sorted, using the EVT_SORT event. By default, they are still not sortable
  • Fixed some bugs on Mac and Linux

v1.0 - June 2008

  • First true public release.
  • Offical website up and running
  • Added check state support
  • Added named image support
  • Added more examples

v0.9 - May 2008

  • Released on wxWiki – to thunderous silence :-)
  • Added cell editing

v0.5 - March 2008

  • Converted to use straight wxPython now that wax appears dead
  • Added column width management (minimum, maximum, space filling)

v0.1 - November 2006

  • First version. Written to work with wax.
  • Used internally only